How to Submit a Picture

Submitting a picture of your Camaro is easy.

Send an email to us here with your picture(s) attached.

We accept picture files in most formats including JPG, BMP, TIF, PCX and you can even send us a ZIP file of your pictures.

Please send us a good quality picture that is at least 640X480 and 256 colors.

Please include the year and color of your Camaro. Also supply us with any interesting facts about your Camaro.

We do not require proof or verify the type (Z28, SS, RS, etc) of your Camaro but we do caution against suggesting your Camaro is something it is obviously not.

Pictures are updated when time permits.

Please be patient your picture will get put on the site if we receive what we need like a good quality picture with year and color at the very least. Pictures of just half the car or of bad quality will probably not be posted.

Submit your Picture!