Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Another popular question we receive is "Can you tell me how much ... is worth?"

A. Well, that depends on a lot of different factors including condition, options, previous restorations, originality, rarity and market for such car in your area. Here are a few tips (BEWARE this is mostly for buyers because dishonest sellers will not like what we have to say): If the seller says "It's a one of a kind or 1 of (low number)!" then it's probably not. If the seller says it's matching numbers then check them just to make sure. As a matter of fact if the seller says it's anything then check it out to verify and if the seller gets mad that you checked then walk away ... better yet run because you just saved yourself a bunch of heartache. Knowledge is power!!! Do a little research before because it's to late after. If I see one more '69 automatic with a 10-bolt some guy is trying to sell as an original Z28 I'm gonna scream so do your research you won't be sorry. If there is no solid proof of a cars rarity then only pay for a plain jane Camaro because without proof that's all it really is. For newer Camaro's check out Kelly Blue Book and for older Camaro's try NADA (click on the Classic Car section) for a value. If your Camaro (or any car) is a 1981 or newer be sure to check CARFAX for a Free CARFAX Record Check.

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