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Paint Codes for 1967 Chevy Camaros

Year Code Exterior Color
1967 CC Ermine White
1967 DD Nantucket Blue
1967 EE Deepwater Blue
1967 FF Marina Blue
1967 GG Granada Gold
1967 HH Mountain Green
1967 KK Emerald Turquoise
1967 LL Tahoe Turquoise
1967 MM Royal Plum
1967 NN Madeira Maroon
1967 RR Bolero Red
1967 SS Sierra Fawn
1967 TT Capri Cream
1967 YY Butternut Yellow

The paint code indicates the exterior paint color. Color codes for vinyl tops and convertible tops can be found in the Trim Tag Decode section. A two-part code indicates the bottom and top colors respectively. Trim tag paint codes will be from one to four letters or numbers, depending on the year of manufacture and the plant in which the body was produced. Some assembly plants had hyphens between the letters and numbers.