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Regular Production Options or RPO Codes or OPTIONS for Camaro's from 1967 to 2002. Select a year to get a list of options (RPO codes) available with a short description, a quantity and retail price. If you have a late model Camaro and are unable to find all your RPO codes on the list for your Camaro then try our Chevrolet/GM late model list. Most quantities come directly or indirectly from Chevrolet, however some do vary in different documents. Quantities are usually totals but not always. An option may list 5 were produced but it actually was a standard option on another model (Z28 or IROC ...) so to get the total you will have to add the two together. Prices are the retail or "sticker" price when the Camaro was sold new. Some available options and prices changed during the model year. In 1984 Chevrolet started attaching a "service parts identification" label (SPID) or RPO Codes list inside Camaros. This "service identification label" was first placed on the inside of the console storage lid. For 1991 and 1992, it was moved to the inside of the rear compartment lockable storage bin lid. Most fourth gen Camaros have the "service parts identificaiton" label in the glove box but I have even seen them on the door as you open it up. Always check that the label is for that particular car by checking the VIN on the label against the VIN of the car.

If you have a late model GM vehicle and your service parts label is gone and you are needing to know whether your Camaro has a specific RPO code then you can take the VIN to your local Chevy dealership's parts department and have them look up the RPO codes list. They should be able to pull up a list of what was originally installed on it. Not exactly sure how far there records go back but I know they go back as far as 1994 and I would think you could get a 1993 as well. Email us if you have tried this and they are able to go back for third gens as well please. We actually don't recommend doing this a lot and depending on your local Chevy dealers parts department they may have a problem with it so be prepared to get turned down but most are more than willing to help if you have a need for the information.

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