About Us and the Site

The following is a little information about us and the site. I've been meaning to do this for a long time now. I've worked on this ("About Us and the Site" page) here and there but since I'll never be happy with what it says I figured I might as well post it anyway.

This site was actually started to try to help people that enjoy owning and driving Camaros. Having owned Camaros for years (and years) and realizing how difficult it was to find useful information about them I decide to see what I could do about starting a site. It just so happened that this .com became available so I snatched it up and started typing. In my effort to get information up quickly I might not have checked some things like I should but like with any site that's easily corrected if needed. I will say out all the information that I have put on this site there hasn't been many things I have had to correct. Also there are certain Camaros I'm much more familiar with than others but as you'll read below there's not a lot I haven't had some dealings with. I have never, in all the years this site has been running, felt like I needed to justify myself as to what would make me any more knowledgeable about Camaros than the next guy. I still feel that I don't need to justify myself when it comes to my knowledge of Camaros after all no one is a true Camaro expert anyway so that's not what this page is about. However keep in mind this site covers all Camaro years which is a lot of information and I'll be the first to tell you I haven't triple checked everything first hand so errors are possible. I have tried my best to check the information though. Just think the task of checking everything gets that much harder because this site doesn't just focus on a couple years or is just limited to say SS's or Z28's - it has useful information about every Chevy Camaro generation. I will say it is funny to see things posted on other sites about this site that just don't make sense to me. Especially since all I'm trying to do is help people answer questions they have about their Camaro. Any time anyone has pointed out an error on this site I have corrected it as soon as possible. Hopefully the people that visit my site are the ones that really care about Camaros and also care about the other people that drive them. To those that just want to belittle and degrade someones hard work ... please go drive something else because it's apparent you care nothing about Camaros!

We currently own the following Camaros: 1967, 1971, 1986 IROC, 1989 IROC and a 1994 Z28 Convertible. If you are keeping track then yes that's at least one of every Camaro generation except the latest. I have owned my 1967 Camaro since 1987. I've done everything to it from change the cam and heads to replace the heater core to change out the transmission and all more than once in the 30 plus years I've owned it. It has a 327 that has given me lots of great times over the years. My wife has a 1971 Camaro that we've had since 2001. It has a 327 in it as well. Just so you know neither my '67 or my wife's '71 have the original engine or transmission in them still but then again I also don't put SS emblems on them and try to tell people it's something that it's not. (Sorry that just comes out some times) My 1989 IROC-Z has a 5.7 and yes it is original and I have owned it since 1990. I have been through lots of interesting problems with it that I've had to fix like the ignition switch needing to be replaced because a wire broke in the steering column on the anti-theft system. I've also replaced the computer on it because it was not sending enough volts to the sensors so all it's readings were wrong. Try figuring that out in 1992 when no one knew a lot about the computer system on them much less what to check. That one was a fun one to figure out let me tell you! It's actually really easy but wasn't at the time because of the lack of knowledge about them. The '71 was a complete mess when we got it. We have repainted it indigo metallic blue with just a touch of pearl. Changed the rims to body color Z28 rims. Changed the heads, cam/lifters/push rods, timing chain, intake, radiator and exhaust. Changed the rear end to a 3.42 posi from a '71 Firebird. And last but not least the interior has been completely redone. The '94 Z28 Convertible is bone stock. It does have a 6spd manual transmission in it though which is one of the reasons I decided to get it. I've also owned at one time or another a 1976 Type LT, 1979 Z28 and a 1981 Z28 all of which were fun to own in their own special ways.