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This form (below) is for questions about Chevy Camaros. If you need to contact Sales please go to Sales ONLY Questions for all chevy-camaro.com sales related questions. This form is NOT to contact sales. Sorry no phone calls please and sorry but I will not call anyone back except perhaps for a great deal (and I mean great deal) on a first gen Camaro. A majority of the emails/questions we receive are already answered in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section before emailing us with a question! So to beat a dead horse ... if you have a question please check our FAQ section and for engine decoding information check out our engine decoding FAQ to make sure the answer isn't there. Please do not send us just an engine code that you are unable to find in our engine codes list and expect us to be any help what so ever. For us to help identify an engine we need the engine code, the casting number and the casting date. However, feel free to email us and wait a day or two and get a reply back with a link to our FAQ section. Visitors and customers to our site are very important to us and we will do our best to reply (if required) as quickly as possible. Due to spammers farming emails and thinking we need stupid stuff we have had to remove our email address from the site. The only problem we see with this email form is that your email address must be correct for us to send you our answer. If you don't receive an answer in a week or so click here. We welcome questions and comments so if you haven't heard back from us in a week or so please let us know i.e. try again. It may be that we tried but were unable because of an invalid return email address. All questions submitted using this form are answered first. Your privacy is very important to us. View our privacy policy.