Choose Year to View Camaro Protect-o-plate Information


So what is a Protect-o-Plate (POP) anyway and where can I find it?

The Protect-o-Plate was a small stamped metal plate that was sent, by the factory, with each vehicle produced. It was stamped with basic identification data about components like engine, carburetor, transmission and rear axle. It also contained factory installed options and the month of manufacture. When the vehicle was sold the dealer would add the customer's name to the metal plate with Dymo-type stamped plastic adhesive strips. The data on a Protect-o-plate is stamped on an 8 row by 30 column grid at predefined locations. Instructions for stamping the plate was in the assembly manual for each year. The decoding instructions were included in parts manuals, service manuals and bulletins.

The Protect-o-Plate was given to the original owner. It was NOT riveted to the fire wall ...that's the trim tag or cowl tag. Unfortunately most Protect-o-Plates where lost or discarded soon after purchase.