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Decoding 1971 Chevy Camaro Trim Tag

The trim tag is riveted on the driver's side of the cowl under the hood.

ST 71 (B) 12487 (C) NOR (D) 145272 (E) BDY
TR 775 (F)     11 A (G) PNT
01B (A)   (H) LS3 (I)  

Location A- Build Date

  01-January 05-May 09-September
02-February 06-June 10-October
03-March 07-July 11-November
04-April 08-August 12-December
A - 1st week of month D - 4th week of month
B - 2nd week of month E - 5th week of month
C - 3rd week of month

Location B - Model Year 1971

Location C - Model

  12487 - Camaro Sport Coupe

Location D - Assembly Plant

  NOR - Norwood Ohio
BL or L - Van Nuys (Los Angeles)

Location E - Sequential Body Number

Note: This number was assigned by Fisher Body and is not related to the VIN

Location F - Interior Trim Code

  775 - Black-standard 785 - Black-custom
776 - Blue-standard 786 - Black with blue-custom
777 - Sandlewood-standard 787 - Black w/ green-custom
778 - Green-standard 789 - Black w/ white-custom
779 - Saddle-standard 792 - Black w/ saddle-custom

Location G - Body Color Code

  11 Antique white 62 Burnt orange
13 Nevada silver 67 Classic copper
19 Tuxedo black 75 Cranberry red
24 Ascot blue 78 Rosewood
26 Mulsanne blue  
42 Cottonwood green A - White vinyl top
43 Lime green B - Black vinyl top
49 Antique green C - Blue vinyl top
52 Sunflower yellow F - Dark Brown vinyl top
53 Placer gold G - Green vinyl top
61 Sandlewood  

Location H - Los Angeles Codes

Los Angeles
Trim Tag
First (of two) sets of six digit numbers. Unknown what the meaning of these codes are at this time.

Location I - Exterior Trim Codes

Los Angeles
Trim Tag
Second set of six digit numbers. In this set the first 2 digits are the Camaros birthday but the last four digits are unknown at this time.
Trim Tag

Codes for some SS & Z28 cars from Norwood appear here.

LS3 - SS396/375hp

28.11 - Z28 (number after decimal are stripe color .19 - Black, .11 - White)