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Q. Rarity of SBC blocks with casting # 3932388.

A. This seems to be a popular question. The casting number 3932388 is "said to be rare" because "they say" not many cars much less Camaro's got this block casting number that are known. There seems to still be some confusion on this though. Let me put it in plain english it is NOT RARE!!! The book Chevrolet by the Numbers 1965-69: The Essential Chevrolet Parts Reference says this engine was put in 1969 passenger cars and Camaro's. Their notes say this and I quote (but is actually false info):
"Very little is known about this block. It seems that most blocks were Tonawanda cast and built, but some Norwood assembled Z28's used this block with Flint-produced engines. From all indications the block is identical to #3932386. It has been found in Passenger cars with the 350/300hp engine suffix code stamping. At least four SS 350 and at least two Z28 Camaros were built with this block, with casting dates ranging from L 20 8 to C 11 9. At least one Camaro was built it September 1969 with this block. Other cars could have received this rare block, but it is unknown which or why. Most #3932388 blocks are dated from September to December 1968."
We have apparently had all (and then some) of the owners, according to Chevrolet by the Numbers 1965-69, of this block casting to email us about it. So in other words this block casting is not at all rare in our opinion. The problem is there are no exact numbers as to how many cars had this block casting number but it is way more than what it takes to be called rare. The block doesn't have any special features that sets it off from the rest that would make it any more desirable than other blocks from that time period though. This is not to say that the "Chevrolet By the Numbers" books aren't still a great resource for Chevy information though. This block casting number they just happened to way underestimate the quantity of them that were produced. I wanted to quote the "Chevrolet By the Numbers" information so people know where the idea that this block is rare might have come from. This error shouldn't be the reason that keeps you from buying these useful books though.

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