Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my car an IROC? When was IROC's produced?

(Below is a brief summary of some things to check but is by no means complete. Depending on the year, checking the VIN and/or RPO codes will help determine whether a particular car is an IROC or not. However, with any Camaro IROC-Z checking the engine and trans is the most important.)

A. An IROC-Z was produced from 1985 to 1990. Named for the International Race of Champions, which at the time raced Camaros under Chevy's sponsorship. The IROC featured lower trim height and center of gravity, special front struts, springs and jounce bumpers, special rear shocks, special rear springs and stabilizer bar, higher-effort steering, increased caster, front frame rail reinforcement, better tires and 16x8 aluminum wheels, fog lamps, numerous chassis tweaks and unique graphics.

Third Generation IROC's:
A 305 engine was the only engine available in an IROC from '85 to '86. From '87 to '90 an IROC could be ordered with either a 350 or a 305. A third gen Camaro, whether it be an IROC or not, with a 350 could not be ordered with a manual transmission. From '88 to '90 the Z28 option was combined with the IROC option and could not be ordered separately. In 1987 and for the first time in Camaros history a Z28 convertible could be ordered by someone other than a GM exec, which means an IROC could be ordered as a convertible. The convertible was not built by GM but by a company called Automobile Specialty Company (ASC) and could not get the 350 engine. It is however said that some owners of 350 IROC's did get ASC to make their Camaro into a convertible.

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