Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does SS, RS, Z28, Type LT, Berlinetta, or IROC actually mean and what years were they produced?

A. A Camaro could come in many forms. The following is a description of the different options available on a Camaro and the years they were offered.

Option Description Years
SS Super Sport - Performance '67-'72 and '96-2002
RS Rally Sport - looks package '67-'73, '75-'80, limited '87-'88, '89-'02
Type LT Luxury Touring '73-'78, and short run in '87 (just 794)
Z28 RPO Code - Performance '67-'74, '76-'88, ('88-'90 IROC), '91-'02
Berlinetta Luxury or in Italian "little sedan" '79-'86 (discontinued during '86)
IROC International Race of Champions '85-'90 (was an option for a Z28)

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