Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I obtain a build sheet for my Camaro?

A. Build sheets (or some times referred to as broadcast sheet) were stuffed in various places depending on the year of your vehicle and where your vehicle was assembled. The build sheet is often located either over the gas tank or behind or under the rear seat. To our knowledge there is no place that will reproduce a build sheet for a Camaro. A legible build sheet is an invaluable resource in determining what a vehicle came with originally. It is our sincere hope that build sheets don't start getting reproduced like other documentation have. If your build sheet is not somewhere on your Camaro (please don't tear your car apart trying to find it) then it is lost forever. It should stay that way until someone at GM or Chevrolet finds documentation of what every car ever produced was equiped with at which time there would be no need for build sheets or any other piece of documentation ... just call up Chevy. Currently that's very wishful thinking though so DON'T CALL CHEVY.

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