Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What color paint is the subframe, engine compartment, etc.?

A. Below is a list of paint colors used on most GM vehicles in the late 60's and early 70's. This list is meant to be used as a guide only. We will not get into factory markings and overspray. There are plenty of books on factory marks and overspray. This is only a color guide and nothing else.

frame semi-gloss black
transmission crossmember semi-gloss black
upper/lower control arms semi-gloss black
upper shafts semi-gloss black
AC compressor semi-gloss black
firewall semi-gloss black
inner fenders semi-gloss black
radiator support semi-gloss black
starter semi-gloss black
battery tray semi-gloss black
hood underside semi-gloss black

heater or AC housing

semi-gloss black
brackets, steel pulleys, fan blade semi-gloss (or gloss black for more detail)
radiator gloss black
windshield wiper motor gloss black
power steering pump gloss black
rear axle housing gloss black
wheel inserts gloss black
voltage regulator cover gloss black
front coil springs gloss black
radiator shroud natural black plastic (or gloss black)
distributor natural aluminum with gloss black cap
fan clutch natural aluminum
alternator natural aluminum
steering box
natural cast iron gray
front sway bar
natural cast iron gray
cast iron pulleys
natural cast iron gray
master cylinder
natural cast iron gray (can use gloss black)
steering linkage
natural steel
steering column shaft
natural steel
fuel and brake lines
natural steel
driveshaft natural steel
hood hinges, latch, catch and springs
gray phosphate plated
brake booster gold cadmium plated(master cylinder lid also)

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