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Q. What front disc brakes interchange with first gen. Camaros?

A. . Below is a list of disc brake assemblies that will interchange with first generation Camaros with drum brakes. If you are aware of any errors in this information please let us know at Email Comment. These days it is almost cheaper and easier to get first gen. front disc brakes from one of the many after market vendors offering them. As the availability of used disc brakes decrease, the price increases so it has almost gotten to the point where it's cheaper to get after market front disc brakes for you first gen. Camaro instead of trying to find used ones.

NOTE: Section 2 fits Section 1 by including the backing plate.
NOTE: One-piece design was original equipment for vehicles in Section 1; two-piece design was original equipment for vehicles under Section 2.

Section 1
Buick Special '71 (one-piece)
Buick Special '72
Firebird '69
Grand Prix '69-'72
Old F85 '70-72
Tempest '69-72

Section 2
Apollo '73-74
Buick Special '67-70 and ('71 two-piece)
Camaro '67-69
Chevelle '67-72
Chevy II '67
Firebird '67-68
Monte Carlo '70-72
Nova '68-72
Olds F85 '67-69
Omega '73-74
Sprint (GMC) '71-72
Tempest '67-68
Ventura II '71-74

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