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Q. What rear ends interchange with first gen. Camaros.

A.. Below is a list of rear ends that will interchange with first generation Camaros. If you are aware of any errors in this information please let us know at Email Comment.

Camaro '67-69
Firebird '67-69
Nova '68-71

Below is a break down of the measurements of first and second generation rear ends. As you can see a second generation rear end is 1" longer (1/2" on each side). A second generation rear end can be put under a first generation Camaro by moving the leaf spring mounts as you can see below they are different. A second generation rear end that is put in a first generation Camaro will stick out a half inch more on each side compared to the stock first generation Camaro rear end.

1967-1969 Camaro
1970-1981 Camaro
Axle tube flange to Axle tube flange
54 1/4"
55 1/4"
Between centerlines of spring seats
42 7/16"
45 3/8"
Axle shaft length
29 33/64"
30 5/32"

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