Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many Camaros were produced in "this" year like mine? Or How many Camaros were produced with ____________ (fill in the blank)?

A. Production numbers can be found in the RPO Codes section. However, no one is able to say how many Camaros were produced exactly like yours or even close to yours. To our knowledge it is impossible to accurately determine, for example, how many black '68 RS/Z28 Camaros were produced. It just gets worse to determine with the more options that are added. The problem is GM did not track production numbers on combinations of options. It is possible to come up with a reasonable estimation of how many were produced with a certain option combination. Take for example one of our Camaros a Black '94 Z28 Convertible with a 6 speed. Since there are no production numbers for that combo here is a way to try to calculate how many black 6 speed convertibles were produced in 1994. There were 4,932 Convertible Z28's produced in 1994. Of the 40,940 Z28's (coupes and convertibles) that was able to get 6 speeds only 8,742 got one which is only 21%. So it can be said that 21% of the 4,932 convertibles made got a 6 speed or only about 1,036 (.21 x 4,932) Camaros in 1994 were convertible 6 speeds no matter what color they were. Now doing the same thing for the color black we get about 17% of the total 1994 Camaros produced were black (20,203 black Camaros divided by 119,799 total production). So take 1,036 x .17 and you get about 176 black 1994 Z28 Convertibles with a 6 speed. It doesn't matter which way you do this. You can take the 4,932 convertible Z28's times 17% were black (4,932 x .17) = 838 to get how many black convertibles and then multiple the percentage of 6 speeds of 21% to get the same result or (838 x.21) = 176.

NOTE: There is NO accurate way to combine options to determine production numbers. We wished there were and maybe some day there will be but currently we know of no way to combine options accurately. If someone tells you that they have a one of a kind then you can "believe" them. Anyone that owns a Camaro actually has a one of a kind but whether that means much is entirely up to you. Point being since there is no way to combine options no one really knows whether they have an actual one of a kind or not!

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