Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I tell what engine and transmission my Camaro came with?

A. Well bad news for most 1967 to 1971 Camaros especially and some other years along the way too. Without the original engine and transmission there is absolutely no way to determine exactly what your Camaro came with originally. There are some trim tag codes that will help on 1967 Camaros and the "X" and "Z" codes on 1969 Camaros can kind of help as well and Norwood 1970 and 1971 Camaros have some codes but not all. There is no way to find anything out for the rest including all 1968 Camaros and any 1969 Camaro that does not have an "X" or "Z" code on the trim tag. When I say no way to find anything out I am assuming that there is no build sheet and no protect-o-plate and that the original engine and transmission has long since been lost. Everyone wants that Camaro they pulled out of the weeds (or purchased from someone who pulled it out of the weeds and fixed it up) to be a Z28 or SS or whatever. The fact is not all can be. Also the performance and value of your car is heavily dependent on having the correct drive train components and the proper date coding. On performance models such as the Z28 and SS the drive train is the foundation of the car.

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