Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I find out the past history of my car? Are there any research sites available to tell me previous owners, etc?

A. Camaros sold in the United States are very hard to find this type of information for unless your Camaro is newer than an '81. If your Camaro (or any car) is a 1981 or newer you can get a Free CARFAX Record Check. GM's US Operations chose not keep the same records as kept in Canada. Owners of US-sold vehicles must do their own research. Any documentation such as receipts, Protect-o-plates and build sheets can prove valuable tools when researching the history of your vehicle. A recently enacted US Federal privacy statute regarding private title searches will make your job even tougher than it has been, it has, in effect put a hold on historical research of your Camaro as well as any other collector car on the market where the manufacturer did not retain original sale records.

If you have a Canadian vehicle, you can request a vehicle report from the GM Canada Customer Communications Centre . Contact their Vintage Vehicle Services at 800.263.3777 (inside Canada) or dial direct at 905.644.4060. They can supply you with basic information from the original records such as the option by RPO number, date of shipment, and the Canadian dealer number. They do charge a fee for these services.

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