Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How hard would it be to convert my V6 to a V8? What is some the basic things I need to be aware of when swapping engines?

A. If you are going to keep the computer system it will be more trouble and something that we aren't going to get into here.

New Engine will be computer controlled:
To make it much easier we suggest going to a junkyard or finding someone who is parting out a V8 Camaro or Firebird and pulling as much as possible off it. Especially the computer and wiring harness.

New Engine will be carburated:
A good non-computer controlled distributor.

You will need brackets for the alternator, AC, smog pump (if you want to reinstall it), and power steering pump. Be sure to save all the bolts you can along with AC hoses, and pulleys. You will also need new motor mounts (to the frame) and the engine side brackets that these mounts bolt to. If you are getting used mounts make sure you get the engine side motor mount brackets from a Camaro or Firebird as they are a little shallower and are needed to get the engine to sit low enough in the bay. The holes for the motor mounts should already be in the stock k-frame. You will also need to get the engine fan and fan shroud from either a junkyard or new. You will also need the following: starter, water pump, and probably a power steering pump. All of which can be acquired from a junkyard and possibly from where you got the donor engine. You'll need a V8 HEI distributor, plugs and wires. An ACCEL rebuilt HEI works great too. That is unless you are going TPI then you will need the TPI distributor and sensors and computer. If your Camaro has an automatic tranny you will need a new transmission since the bellhousing bolt pattern is different on the V8 car from the 4 and 6 cylinders. A Turbo 350 will bolt right in with B&M's conversion kit which allows you to hook up the torque arm but no overdrive. Take a digital camera with you when you go to the junkyard to help you figure all this stuff out. One other thing to think about is the front coil springs. You will probably have to change them too as the V8 will be heavier. It is a lot of work there is no doubt about it. It can also get very expensive especially if mistakes are made so planning is the key to both saving time and saving money. If someone has done this and we have left something important out please send us an email and let us know.

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