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Decoding 1969 Chevy Camaro Trim Tag

The trim tag is riveted to the firewall above the master cylinder. The information below is as complete and as accurate as possible. Something that seems to be confusing people is what on the trim tag should match the VIN? The body number (by the BODY or BDY) or what we have labeled below as location E does not have to match the VIN in any way. It should go without saying that you will be unable to get the last six digits of the VIN from the trim tag. Please check out our FAQ on alternate first gen Camaro VIN locations. Also the first 5 digits identifying the body style and engine are not truly identified on the trim tag please see the note for location C. The assembly plant code must always match.

Early Type (LOS & NOR with last 6 digits of VIN from 500001 to 544000)
01D (A)      
ST 69 (B) 12467 (C) NOR (D) 80272 (E) BODY
TR 716 (F)     10 (G) PAINT

Late Type (NOR with VIN's from around N544001 to end of production)
ST 69 (B) 12467 (C) NOR (D) 80272 (E) BDY
TR 720 (F)     50 (G) 50 (G) PNT
01B (A)     Z11 (H)  

Location A - Build Date

  01-January 05 -May 09-September
02-February 06-June 10-October
03-March 07-July 11-November
04-April 08-August 12 -December
A - 1st week of month D - 4th week of month
B - 2nd week of month E - 5th week of month
C - 3rd week of month

Location B - Model Year 1969

Location C - Model

  12437 - coupe
12467 - convertible
NOTE: The 3rd digit is always a "4" on the trim tag and does not denote a V8 or 6 cylinder so for that reason it can differ from the VIN on '69 Camaros.

Location D - Assembly Plant

  NOR - Norwood (Cincinnati) Ohio (only trim tag with the infamous "X" codes)
LOS - Van Nuys (Los Angeles) California (until mid-December 1968)
VN - Van Nuys (Los Angeles) California (from mid-December 1968 on)

Location E - Body Number

A number assigned by Fisher Body, no relation to the VIN.
Note: This is not what some call the "serial number" or more specifically the last six digits (or any part) of the VIN. If they match it is only by chance as more times than not the body number will not match any part of the VIN at all. During the 1969 production run this body number was assigned when an order was accepted causing cars built at the same time to have very different body numbers.

Location F - Interior Trim Code

  711 - Black standard 721- Medium Green standard
712 - Black custom 722 - Medium Green custom
713 - Black Houndstooth 723 - Midnight Green standard
714 - Yellow Houndstooth 725 - Midnight Green custom
715 - Blue standard 727 - Ivory standard
716 - Blue custom 729 - Ivory Houndstooth
718 - Red standard A - White convertible top
719 - Red custom B - Black convertible top
720 - Orange Houndstooth

Location G - Body Color Code (Bottom)

  10 - Tuxedo Black 63 - Champagne
40 - Butternut Yellow 65 - Olympic Gold
50 - Dover White 67 - Burgundy
51 - Dusk Blue 69 - Cortez Silver
52 - Garnet Red 71- LeMans Blue
53 - Glacier Blue 72 - Hugger Orange
55 - Azure Turquoise 76 - Daytona Yellow
57 - Fathom Green 79 - Rallye Green
59 - Frost Green -- - Special Paint
61 - Burnished Brown  

Location G - Top Body Color Code

  Codes for Two-tone or vinyl tops otherwise see above
(Two-tone Color codes) B - Black vinyl top
50 - Dover White C - Blue vinyl top
51 - Dusk Blue E - Parchment vinyl top
53 - Glacier Blue F - Brown vinyl top
63 - Champagne S - Green vinyl top

Location H - Exterior Trim Codes


Norwood Assembled Camaros:
X11 - Style Trim Group (includes SS350)* (Be sure to check out the * below)
X22 - Style Trim Group with SS396 (black rear panel)
X33 - Style Trim Group with Special Performance Equipment (Z28)
X44 - Base car
X55 - Base car with SS350 (rear fender louvers, black body sill**)
X66 - Base car with SS396 (rear fender louvers, black rear panel, black body sill**)
X77 - Base car with Special Performance Equipment (Z28)
Z11 - Indy Pace Car Accents convertible
Z10 - Indy Pace Car Accents coupe - Hardtop (estimates between 250 and 500)
D80 - Air Spoiler Equipment (when used not all cars built with spoilers were coded)

VN / LOS Assembled Camaros:
(Other) - See our FAQ Section on other 69 Location H Codes not listed here.

What? You don't have an "X" code but still want to know if your 1969 Chevy Camaro is a Z28 or an SS? That's right if you don't have one of the above codes then there is nothing else on the trim tag to identify a 1969 Chevy Camaro as a Z28 or an SS. Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section for what to look for: Z28 Answer and SS Answer

*There is no specific X-code for the SS350 with Style Trim. X11 could mean SS350 with Style Trim or a base Camaro with Style Trim. A '69 SS required at least power front disc brakes among other things so be sure to check out our FAQ section about 1969 SS's.

Style Trim Group (included in Rally Sport option) consisted of fender striping (except when Sport Striping or Z28 is specified), and simulated rear fender louvers, front and rear wheel opening moldings, black body sill,** rear panel emblems, bright headlight and taillight accents. Sport coupe included bright roof drip moldings.

** Except colors 51, 57, 61, and 67.

Note: Chevy Camaro SS included rear fender louvers and black body sill.** Black rear panel was included with 396 engine. Z11 and Z10 included orange hood, deck, and fender striping and deleted the black body sill and rear panel with 396 engine.