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Contact Us / 69 Trim Tag

This contact form is for '69 Camaros with a trim tag code other than X?? or Z?? codes. If your Camaro has an X?? or a Z?? code in what we call location (H) on your trim tag please do not enter your information in here. This contact form is also only for Camaros built at the LOS/VN plant and does not pertain to Norwood, Ohio built Camaros. For information on what codes (other than X or Z) mean in this trim tag section please read our FAQ section for unusual trim tag code in Location H. If you have an X?? or Z?? code you can find out what your Camaro was by going to our 69 Trim Tag Section.
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For help with filling in your trim tag information see our 69 Trim Tag Section
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The answer to your questions may be in our FAQ Section.
Please don't ask what the code in (H) is ... answer is HERE and be sure to read it all.
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