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Questions that we have replied to but keep getting bounced back

Vehicle Information: Camaro SS 1997 5.7 6 speed manual
"my right turn signal comes on but does not blink. All the fuses are ok!"

Have you checked all your bulbs on that side of the car? If one bulb is out sometimes it won't blink. There is such a thing as a turn signal flasher. It's a small canister shaped unit located under the dash, in a clip to the left of the steering column. It is what flashes the turn signals but since only one side is out it is probably a bulb.

I have a 1994 camaro sl v-6 3.4,, ok its running hot and i just put on a new water pump and its still runniung hot, i have had a mech, look at it and he tells me nothing else is wrong ,, so what could be the problem..? if anyone has any info please share with me,,, thanks

It could be a bunch of things. Anything from a bad thermostat to trash between the A/C condenser and the radiator, to a bad fan, to a cracked head or a blown head gasket. When you say "running hot" are you talking 250 or are you talking 210 because actually 210 is not hot because the stock setting on the computer will not kick the fan(s) on until about 210. Does it overheat sitting or while you are driving down the road? Does it overheat when you turn on the A/C? Does the fan ever kick on? Please let me know anything and everything that might help me help you figure it out and I will be glad to help.

I have a 69 Z that I purchased last year. It has the chambered exhaust. How should it should...mine has a type of backfire sound when I back off the throttle after getting on it a bit. Is that why is was removed as an option?

The backfiring could be a few things but is not necessarily caused by the type of exhaust you have. It is louder with the chambered exhaust but not caused by them necessarily. With the limited information you provided we have come up with the following things to check. The backfiring could be caused by an air leak into manifold vacuum. Just check all your vacuum hoses. Also can be caused by an exhaust leak. Also can be caused by a faulty Air Injection Reactor system or better known as AIR. Your Camaro may or may not have one because in 69 it was only on California cars. If you don't have one then it could be the cause of the backfiring because its main function is to prevent backfiring. Backfiring is caused when there is unburned fuel going out the exhaust. You might even try jetting down your carb (if it has been changed) or making sure your plugs and wires and distributor are in excellent working condition ... just a thought. I don't think the backfiring was why it was removed though I bet it was more the fact that they are loud compared to other exhaust. The model design changed completely in 1970 and the chambered exhaust was a late 1969 addition anyway. Also government regulations started creeping in around the 70's.

1. Why did they make Berlinetta's?
2.Which one is faster an SS or RS
3. When they discontinued Camaro's in 2002, and now they have Colbolts. Aren't they the same? Camaro's were for people who couldn't afford a Corvette but wanted a cheaper fast car, the Colbolt's TV slogen is the younger sibling of the Corvette.
*Geez, I wish they didn't discontinue the Camaro, it saddens my heart whenever I think about it.

1. The Berlinetta is the luxury model which replaced the Type LT that stands for Luxury Touring. It's just a real fancy Camaro and was geared more towards woman or that's what Chevy said.
2. Depending on which year you are talking about as to how to explain this question but the SS has always been the faster. The RS was an appearance package early on and could be ordered with any engine even the 6 cylinder and could even be combined with the SS or Z28. Later on the RS was kind of a different model that got a V6 and the SS was an upgrade to the Z28.
3. The Cobalt is a Cavalier basically (new name close to the same look) and is no where near close to being anything anywhere near a Vette or Camaro. Not sure what the deal with Chevy is in trying to pass the Cavalier oops sorry Cobalt off as being anywhere near the same league as the Corvette. They want to sell the things I guess. That to me cheapens the Corvette not raise the Cobalt. If you remember Chevy tried to spice up the Cavalier by doing a Z24 and this is just another try at spicing up the Cavalier if you ask us. Unfortunately the Cobalt's aren't as fast as the Camaros were so I'm not sure what Chevy's thinking right now. I actually don't think they planned on discontinuing the Camaro. The SSR and GTO have been said to have replaced the Camaros. It upsets us that they discontinued the Camaro as well. Hang in there though. There are rumors of a 2007 Camaro so keep your fingers crossed!