Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Q. When will the NEW Camaro be available? Is it just concept car or is it real? Is there a list I can sign up to get one? I heard they were going to produce a 2009 Camaro is this true? Will it be available with an automatic? What colors are available?  
Q. Is my Camaro a ... (fill in blank)? Do I have a SS or Z28 or RS or ...?  
Z28? or SS? or IROC? or RS?
Q. Is there another place on my first gen Camaro that shows the VIN? or - Where are the alternate partial VIN locations on my first gen Camaro?  
Q. What type of auto insurance is available for my Camaro (or any other daily driver you own)? I have a daily driver but I'm all confused about the types of auto insurance ... what are my options?  
Q. I have a classic/exotic car that doesn't get driven that much and my normal car insurance company won't insure it for it's value, what type of car insurance is available for classic, exotic or limited use autos and what other things should I be aware of when it comes to insuring my classic car?  
Q. What is this engine code? -OR- Can you tell me what this engine is? Or try basic decoding help or engine suffix code help all Chevy engine codes we are aware of ar in our Chevy Engine Codes section.  
Q. Another popular Q we receive is "Can you tell me how much my car (fill in blank) is worth?"  
Q. How rare is Small Block Chevy blocks with casting #3932388?  
Q. 1969 Camaros with an unusual trim tag code in what we call "Location H" on the trim tag (what's Location H) instead of the more familiar "X" or "Z" codes. If you have a code on your 69 cowl tag that doesn't make sense before emailing us carefully read the answer to this question.  
Q. How can I find out the past history of my car? Previous owners, etc.  
Q. What does SS, RS, Z28, Type LT, Berlinetta, or IROC actually mean and what years were they produced?  
Q. How do you actually spell Camaro and what does it mean?  
Q. What front disc brakes interchange with first gen. Camaros?  
Q. How many Camaros were produced in "this" year like mine?  
Q. What rear ends interchange with first gen. Camaros?  
Q. What does the style trim group on first gens include?  
Q. Which sub frames interchange with a Camaro (first & second gen only)?  
Q. When will my picture(s) get posted? (That's the nice way to ask it!)  
Q. How hard would it be to convert my V6 to a V8? What is some the basic things I need to be aware of when swapping engines?  
Q. My trim tag date is unreadable can you tell me about when my Camaro was built according to the VIN? -OR- I have a Camaro that I think the trim tag has been changed out. Can you tell approximately what the last six digits of the VIN should be for a certain trim tag date?  
Q. How can I obtain a build sheet for my Camaro?  
Q. How can I tell what engine and transmission my Camaro came with?  
Q. Cocktail shakers: What are the canisters or dampeners in my convertible? Can I take these out and install something else? Also ... My convertible has a bad vibration while going down the road what could it be?  
Q. What color paint is the subframe, engine compartment, etc.?  
Q. Is it possible to retrieve a removed engine code?  

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